Brad and Angelina divorcing | Brad pitt Begs for second chance

after 14 years of relationship !!!!!!!


Reportedly after being in a relationship for 14 years and married for 2 years Brad Pitt, 52 and Angelina Jolie, 41, filed for divorce on Sept. 19. Even though Brad knew that their marriage was in danger the actor asked his wife for another chance before she pulled the plug, and even offered to go to therapy, but obviously, his alleged pleas did not work.


According to sources the recent allegation is that the 52-year-old was verbally and physically abusive to his children while on a private jet Sept. 14, and is being investigated by the LAPD and Child & Family Services about the incident.

In Angelina’s divorce papers, filed Sept. 19, Angelina did not mention anything about the shocking claims, but she did ask for sole physical custody of the pair’s six kids. After filling, she released a statement saying her decision was made for “the health of her family,” without getting specific about what she meant.

Brad angelina divorce

Meanwhile, separate reports claimed that Angie ended the marriage because Brad cheated on her, had an affair with Marion Cotillard, 40. However, the French actress took to Instagram to deny the reports and comment on the strength of her relationship with her partner, Guillaume Canet. She also confirmed that she and her longtime love are expecting their second child together.

Well, Looks like love is not always a lifetime affair in Hollywood.


Source: Hollywoodlife, Sun