If you haven’t watched Britney Spear’s recent Carpool karaoke here it is…

britney carpool

Britney Spears was in James Corden for The Late Late Show’s famous segment no doubt is one of the oddest guest appearances on James Corden’s The Late Late Show. Not only did she attempt a cringe-inducing reenactment of that infamous Titanic scene, commentators also pointed out the singer seemed to be miming many of the lyrics.

Since the event was broadcast, Spears has given a candid interview in which she refers to Corden only as ‘the guy’ and brands filming ‘awkward’.

“It was fun, it was really fun,” she told radio station 103.5 WKTU. “The guy was just so incredibly sweet. I had no idea he has kids, he’s a teddy bear. I was like, ‘I just want to hug you right now.’ ”She said of filming the 10-minute segment: “It was a little awkward, like, driving by grocery stores. People walk by and there are like 18 cameras around us. This is just so awkward.”

Keeping all the awkwardness aside the recreation of her iconic “Baby One More Time” look is the best thing we’ve seen all day.

Watch The Full Video Below:



Source: Independent