An exclusive interview with Assam’s Gladrags 2016 Finalist Siddharth Boro | Mr. North-East 2014


Siddharth Boro has become topic of the town since he has not put a foot wrong past 2 years. Be it Mr. Northeast 2014, to debut in a movie or participating in Honda Gladrags Megamodel Manhunt, he has crossed every difficulty with ease, he has gone from strength to strength and has proved his best from past two years.

This 20 years old model and actor is all set to debut in multi-lingual independent feature movie “3 smoking barrels” by Sanjib Dey and has taken lot of people’s heart away with his performance in Gladgrags mega-model as well as Mr Northeast 2014 and definitely because of his well-built physique too. Siddharth is currently pursuing his studies from JB law college, Guwahati. He is among the top 11 Finalist of Gladrags  Megamodel Manhunt.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Blisstag:  Mr Siddharth Boro how are you?

Siddharth: Well as of now am doing really good. It’s a warm sunny day so yeah am full of warmth and strength.

Blisstag:  Where have you done your schooling and college from?

Siddharth: I have done my schooling from Kaziranga English Academy(Guwahati), it was a boarding school. My high school from Shrimanta Shankar Academy(Dispur)(commerce) and currently pursuing law, 5th year from JB Law college, Guwahati. This is my final year.

Blisstag:  It must be really hectic for you then? How do you manage your academic and professional life?

Siddharth: Well it is but hey that’s life. I was aware with the reality that I wasn’t born with a golden spoon. so worked with all my heart to maintain both. Yes, it do get hectic most of the time but I like challenges. The satisfaction one gets after achieving the goal is priceless.

Blisstag: How it feels to be called as Mr Northeast?

Siddharth: To be honest it feels more than awesome. I hold this title with pride. As a kid always had this wish to participate in it and here I am today as a proud title holder. It’s an intangible feeling but the most awesome one.

Blisstag: So it was your childhood dream? Do you wanna give any tips to young people who wants to be a part of this show just like you and win this title?

Siddharth: Well just be yourself, maintain your own individuality. Work hard and be passionate about your work(goes for any field). Follow your heart but apply your mind as well.  Be creative, dedicated and determined. A sentence taught by my mom that turned out to be an important factor of my life is that “no matter what title, name, fame and money you achieve never forget your roots. Always be humble and grounded” well that’s my success mantra.

Blisstag:  Were you inspired by anyone to be a model when you were kid?

Siddharth: To be a model not really. But yeah I really look upto two personality – first Sharukh khan- a self-made man, true example of rags to riches. We know the rest of the story, don’t we?(smile).

And second Mr Sylvester Stallone(Rocky Balboa) even though it’s a fictional character but every time I watch Rocky he inspires me. “It ain’t about how hard you get hit, it’s about how hard you get hit, it’s about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s  what winners do”.

Blisstag: Ah! Sharukh Khan! No need to talk about him after all he is king khan(laughs). Well you have worked with director Sanjib Dey for “3 smoking barrels” so what made you work in this movie, was there any special thing in it that made you work for it?

Siddharth: Well I’ll leave that question to the director Mr Sanjib Dey. At first it was a huge break for a new comer like me so I definitely wanted to be a part of it. After being screen test for several times and doing workshop for the character I started to realize the real meaning of the character and acting. It was completely opposite to my real character. A huge challenge of course and convincing everyone that I can play that character was a big deal. However I can’t reveal much about it now but there’s lot of layers in this character. There’s more stuff which I will reveal very soon for now it’s little confidential. And yeah matching the skill of other NSD and Professional actors was again quite a task. However, I was really confident because I was trained by Mr Sanjib Dey, if you like anything about my character than all the credit goes to the Captain of the ship. And am really happy that I found a Friend, Brother,  Role Model, Godfather in him. He have always guided me like a family and am really happy about it.

Blisstag: Well your fans are waiting eagerly for your movie and so me as well. As people generally learn so much from their experiences so, any changes that you found in yourself after doing this movie and would like to share?

Siddharth: How sweet?(smile). Well you know with time and experiences people learn a lot of things. This movie definitely helped me personally and professionally. I am more matured, people showering so much love and best wishes before the release of the movie. Change in the sense am more creative and choosy now. Apart from that am still that grounded kid who is living that dream.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Blisstag: Your grounded nature is definitely going to inspire a lot of people. And as everyone knows that you were one of the 11 finalist of Gladrags Megamodel Manhunt, how did you end up there, did anyone suggest you to go for it or you yourself wanted to participate.

Siddharth: Well it just happened. Actually, there was a new reality series coming up for a national television known as iron man triathlon. I was the only North East Indian selected for it but due to certain reason it didn’t go as planned. And then the audition for Gladrags dates popped up in my notifications. I don’t know what happened it just came to my mind to do it. I had like only 21 days for the audition. I prepared myself in just 21days. All the body tan and injury marks I received while training for iron man had to be taken care of. I am really proud that I made it to the finale of Gladrags in such short period of time which gave birth to stars like John Abraham, Dino Moria, Vidyut Jamwal, Karan Singh Grover, etc.

Blisstag: Well, you were awesome in every episodes. As you have achieved so much in this young age and had an awesome journey from Mr Northeast and being a part of Gladrags manhunt to being an actor, would you like to share some of your special and best moments that you went through during this journey?

Siddharth: Thank you. Well from giving audition of the contest and judging a fellow contest was really a moment. Sharing the screen with Dino Morea. I remember he was in Guwahati once for an event and I couldn’t attend. I was upset regarding it. A few years later the very same person was appreciating my acting skill and physique.

Working with NSD actors was again another special moment. Receiving appreciation for most of my scene was something I shall cherish forever. A lot of moments which I cannot state in words.

But most importantly watching my mother smile and proudly talking about the achievement I received so far is priceless.

Blisstag: Hope you achieve a lot in your life as your well wishers are always there for you Mr Siddharth Boro. Thank you.

Siddharth: Thank you so much for your kind words.