This Japanese Restaurant Has just Vending Machine and No Staff



Everyone knows Japan as the land of convenience. From an easy access metro system, convenience stores that allow you to do everything from paying bills to buying theater tickets and of course, the fan favourite – vending machines! Vending machines are the most common thing you’ll notice in every street of Japan. There seems to be one in every block and corner where you can get soda, banana and in few you can even get underwears. How amazing is that right! How amazing is that right! just put your money in and get whatever you want.

Now can you imagine of a restaurant where you see no staffs working and all the foods are being served by a vending machine. Well, it sounds weird and cool at the same time right?


Jihanki Shokudo (自販機食堂) known as the vending machine restaurant in Isesaki City, Gunma prefecture. About an hour and a half drive from Tokyo, this restaurant is full of retro style vending machines which serve not only soda but also different dishes. Each Vending machine not only sell a wide variety of food but there are even some machines selling souvenirs.

One of the more popular dishes, a Tar Tar meat sauce burger, is a crowd pleaser and locals just love it. There is also a curry burger for those who are not averse to new burgers. Despite coming from a vending machine, the flavors do come through! There is even a noodle vending machine and a sandwich machine selling another best seller – Italian toast. However, users beware. They items are quite hot, so be careful taking items out of the machine itself. Thankfully they do provide tongs and pot holders to prevent burns.

And one of the most amazing fact about the restaurant is that there are no staffs working  and yet the restaurant is surprisingly clean. This is all because customers clean up after themselves.

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