Kylie Jenner Denies Boob Job and says They Will Deflate Soon

Ohh... really???


If Kylie Jenner looked a little little bit different in a recent Snapchat image, it’s the result of nature and not a cosmetic surgeon’s hand, she’s insisting.


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Kylie Jenner basically broke the Internet when she debuted her rather large breasts on social media, refueling rumors that she had some serious plastic surgery done. But Kylizzle shot her haters down, attributing her new growth to one simple and natural reason.

After chalking up her seemingly changed figure to “that time of the month,” Jenner jokingly invited fans to touch her chest as proof of her natural frame. “Do u want to feel them to validate,” she wrote.

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And This is How People Reacted To it:

“I want whatever magical fairy dust Kylie Jenner has that makes your boobs double in size over the span of a week,” one wrote.

Jenner previously denied having a boob job in a September 2015 blog post after fans began noticing her changing figure.

“Everyone is obsessed with that,” she wrote. “Truth is, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gained 15 pounds and my body has changed; I’ve definitely filled out.”

Jenner did, however, admit to getting work done on her lips in a May 2015 Keeping Up With The Kardashians preview after months of speculation that they’d been enlarged.

Source: Hollywoodlife