Mysterious Love |Part 2|


   Yes, her ghost licked me I thought so slowly I looked behind but no, no one was there only darkness was around me.  But I could feel that cool sensation so, I thought may be her ghost is around me. Her ghost, swinging upside down with screaming voice and bloods on her face must be next scene like any other ghost series or movies I thought. But no, nothing only darkness was around. I was scared thinking about such scene so immediately I ran out of the graveyard, took my car and went home. That night was my most horrible night, all I could feel was strangeness.

   After I reached home I lied down on my bed for sleep I didn’t even take dinner that night, after such incident my hunger and sleep went off.  I tried sleeping so that I can forget those horrible incidents that happened to me but I couldn’t . I was heart broken as the girl I loved never existed or just disappeared mysteriously.  Next evening arrived and I was ready for my night shift again, I was scared to go to office but I went controlling all my emotions. When I reached office after parking my car I looked through that same spot wondering if Sifica was there but no she wasn’t. I was sad as I’ll not be able to see her again and scared too for all those incidents.

  That evening  was another  thunderstruck  evening for me because when I was passing through the corridors towards my cabin I overheard some of my colleagues saying that women are not allowed for night shifts, infact they are not allowed to come these area at all at night. I was staggered to know such thing so I went towards them and asked why is it so? They replied that’s because it’s haunted area.  Now, I was sure that the girl I ever loved was never alive, she was ghost of Sifica. I had a cloud of mixture of emotions above me, one side am sad and on the other side staggered and scared. The girl I loved was never alive. Throughout my duty hours I couldn’t pay attention on my work, I kept being impatient.

   Next morning when I was walking out of the office moving across same spot I wondered if I can ever recover again. But as I am considered the bravest son in my family I need to recover and move forward. So, that morning I decided to forget everything and live my life as before but as strangeness is all around me that day also I experienced really very strange thing. When I was driving towards my home i saw  a girl who looks exactly like Sifica. I thought may be am wrong since am not completely recovered yet so everywhere I can see her face. I looked again towards her and yes it was her.

To be continued…..

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