Mysterious Love |Part 3|

scary House

Yes  I saw her, I zoomed my eye balls and looked across the road and yes it was her. I parked my car at the side, came out of the car and tried following her but suddenly she disappeared. I wondered if am living a real life or am a part of some story that am getting terrifying twists every day.  I went till some distance to look for her but no she wasn’t around at all. She disappeared as if she was a bubble and just got burst and disappeared. I was kind of shocked and happy too to see her again but again she disappeared. In a hope that she would never come back I just took my car and went back home. Next  day I had same routine as usual going office before 9pm and coming back home next morning  after 6am. I was on the way back and that day also I saw her and fortunately managed to stop my car immediately and followed her. She was still as beautiful as those nights, she was wearing black dress that morning. I followed her, she went to a flower shop and then she came out with a bunch of flowers.

I walked behind her till the time she reached some huge bungalow. It looked too old, it was discolored and looks like haven’t been managed by anyone from long. She entered that building I thought of entering too but I stopped myself thought her family members might not like some stranger coming inside. Next day I came again to see her in the same bungalow as I was getting impatient to know if she actually resides in that house. Suddenly I saw some old lady coming out of the house, I managed to stop her and asked who stays in that house she replied “Elizabeth” I was about to ask some more questions but before I could open my mouth she just walked away. She looked like servant of that house. I called her aunty but she didn’t bother looking back but I was determined to know everything what is happening around and who was that girl so I stopped her and asked again who is Elizabeth? she replied “owner of this bungalow” she is the only person who stays in this building and I come here for work during day time and go back. She stays all by herself and she is kind of mentally retarded she replied.

When she replied that she is mentally retarded I wondered may be because of her psychological problem she used to walk around at night and never talked to me like a normal human being and could never see her again after that night may be because she was warned by someone to not come to that area at night ever again. By the time I finished wondering about reasons behind her not coming back to that place and came back to my normal senses, old lady already disappeared and I didn’t even realize. I didn’t bother stopping that lady again because most of my doubts were clear about that girl and I felt little bit relieved because of knowing everything about that mystery girl but now question arrives in my mind is about that licking sensation which I experienced at graveyard. Who licked me afterall?

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