Mysterious Love |Part 1|

Mysterious Love

I was walking towards the entrance of my office building after parking my car. Then I saw her again, before also I saw her many times this late at night, she would stand at far but today she was little closer to the building.

A RoseShe was holding a rose and was walking back and forth, she looked like she was waiting for someone. Then I just ignored and continued walking towards the entrance as I’m supposed to be inside before 9pm for my night shift and it was already 8:50pm.

That night though I ignored and went inside for my work I couldn’t stop thinking about her, something in her made me trap her in my mind, I kept thinking about her throughout my duty hour.

Next morning arrived and I was supposed to go home back, while walking out I looked across that same spot where that girl was standing wondering if that girl was still there but she wasn’t. So, I just moved towards the parking and left for home.

Again, that evening I came for my night shift at around 8:15. I looked around for her after parking my car. She was there even more closser, I could see her face clearly then, she looked amazingly amazing in that white salwar with pink dupatta. That evening also she was holding a rose and was sitting on roadside bench alone. I thought to talk to her but stopped myself thinking she would be scared talking to a stranger this late at night and continued to walk towards my office.

Next few nights I tried talking to her many times but stopped myself everytime I try and sometimes some or the other incident happened because of which I couldn’t talk to her. One night I finally made some time and came early for my night shift and kept waiting for her. Finally she arrived at around 8:15, made my mind to talk to her. “Hello” I said, she didn’t reply anything she ignored me and went forward and sat on the bench. I felt weired wondering why didn’t she reply! then I thought might be she is scared to talk to stranger. I went near her and put forward my hand for handshake and said hello to her again, fortunately she looked at me with smile and forwarded her hand and said hello. While she forwarded I noticed that she had one extra finger on her right hand. I sat beside her on the bench and asked her name she replied “sifica” and then I started talking to her, at first she was not that comfortable talking to me so she answered in one word I thought but throughout 30 minutes of conversation she answered only one word to questions I asked and after every sentence she would bend her neck.

I felt weired noticing her habit of bending her neck but apart from her habit she had a sweet voice and innocent and pretty looking face which made me fall for her. As time passed it was already 8:45pm so, I said her goodbye and went inside the office. Next few nights I continued coming early for my night shift and would wait for her outside the building and she would always come at exact 8:15 and so I would always get 30 minutes to talk to her. Once I asked her why does she always carry a rose then she just replied I like roses and smiled. I wondered how can someone carry a thing which he/she like it, even I have few favourite things but I never bothered carrying it every second of my life.

I exchanged my no. with her I used to talk to her every day over phone when am at office or at home. I kinda developed liking towards her so, I thought of proposing her for marriage in presence of her parents instead of doing it secretly. One night I asked her if she could give her address so that I can come to her house and ask her parents for her. She asked me “why do u need my address?” then I smiled and replied “it’s a surprise” , she smiled back and said “ I like surprises” followed by her weired habit of bending her neck and told me the address, I quickly noted down and I said “tomorrow evening I’ll come to your place” as it was Sunday and had no office. She replied “ok”, it was already 8:45 and I was suppose to enter the office so, before entering I smiled and asked her to tell her parents that am coming, she said “I would eagerly wait for you to come over my place “ and she smiled, I left for office.

Next night the things that happened to me was something that would make a normal person go completely mad or stay traumatized. I was excited and nervous too as I was proposing someone for marriage for the first time. I took my car and went to that address. When I finally reached all I could see in that area was darkness, I wondered where must be her house is so, I came out of the car and walked little further and then all I saw was graveyard.


I was shocked to see graveyard instead of house, I put on my flashlight to check again if what I saw was correct or it’s my wrong perception. No, I was correct all I could see was graveyard and little later I noticed a cemetery named Sifica. I was completely staggered and kept standing for few minutes as I went completely numb and was confused whether I should still search for Sifica or should believe in what I saw. After sometime I got cool sensation over my neck, felt as if someone has licked over my spinal cord.

To be Continued…..

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