This restaurant Lets you dine in pitch darkness | literally

Who doesn’t love good food? There are several restaurants famous for their awesome food and services. But there are few which serves more than just food.

Dans Le Noir is a restaurant where you would find all the attributes you’d expect from a good restaurant and where you would love to dine with your friends and family except you’ll be eating in complete darkness without even seeing your food. Dans Le Noir which means “In the dark” for French, the name itself defines why the restaurant is famous for.  This idea might seem a little strange at first to many of you, but you will enter a whole new world by suppressing the dominant sense of sight. Everything will seem uncertain once you enter the restaurant.

Dans Le Noir Restaurant London, England
Dans Le Noir Restaurant London, England

Dans le Noir, London is located in Clerkenwell area, near Holborn and Farringdon. The restaurant can accommodate approximately 60 people in the “dark room”, which is the main dining area. It also has a lit bar and a private lounge serving fine wines and delicious specialty cocktails before and after a meal.
Diners in Dans Le Noir

Diners have to leave their mobile phones and even digital watches outside  and are physically guided around and served by visually impaired staff of the restaurant.