Tips for better travel experience


Whenever we get a chance to travel and explore the world the very first thing we do is find the best deal then book a trip and end up travelling to the same places as every other traveler. This is what it happens when you choose your holiday destination from travel websites like tripadvisor and eat where where urbanspoon recommends and in the end you end up experiencing the same thing which thousands other had already experienced with nothing new to share, which destroys the whole idea of exploration.
Sure, there’s nothing wrong  in seeing the wonders of the world or the UNESCO designated sites, but they aren’t the only reason to travel. Point is to abandon the checklist travel and go with the flow a bit.
So, once you have chosen your place to travel  how will you explore those new and unknown places without risking your vacation?

1. Don’t use GPS

The main reason you use GPS is to find the quickest way from one place to another It ain’t going to help you in exploration of the place. So, it always better to avoid the use of GPS until and unless its very necessary.

2. Talk to Locals
Whenever you travel to places, there’s no harm in talking to people who aren’t there in your facebook friend list. Always feel free to talk to strangers and ask the locals about the place, I’m sure they won’t disappoint you.

3. Local transport


Try exploring the place using local transport like local buses, trams and even walk is preferable rather than car, you will see so much more. Even bike from town to town is very enjoyable. There’s no better way to know and blend into the place.

4. Observe daily life

If you are really interested in feeling the pulse of the place, spend few hours sitting in a park or on a busy street corner just by yourself watching day to day life happen in front of you. Slow down your thought process and observe everything around you. The smells, the colours, human interactions, and sounds.

5. Local food

Try to taste a bit of everything when you travel, especially the ones you have never tasted before. Ask local people for any recommendations. Eat street food from local vendors and try to avoid fancy restaurants as they are pretty much same everywhere.

6. Be open to Journey
Not everything about exploration will make you comfortable. That’s the significant part of  the reason you chose to do it for. This isn’t about being unsafe and reckless it is all about choosing a way that isn’t so popular and moreover it’s about the experience you get. It can be either spontaneous or well planned thing is is you should be always open to different possibilities and intensions.