A traveller documented his 7 days trip to North Korea

Beautiful yet mysterious!!


A traveller Jacob Laukaitis travels to North Korea on a 7 days trip, which he calls a ‘Mysterious 7 day trip’ and documented his day to day life in North Korea as a tourist.


Travelling in North Korea is unlike other tourist destinations. You cannot choose your own destination and travel wherever you want to in North Korea. You are not allowed to travel on your own. The only way to explore North Korea is going on a pre-arranged tour. There’s always a tour guide to accompany you. You also have to submit your passport to the authority once you land in North Korea.

Most important thing is that you should be very cautious that you don’t disrespect any of the North Korean leaders by any means else consequences can be anything. And photography is restricted in most of the places even the public places. It’s better you always confirm with your tour guide if you are allowed to take a photograph of the place or the thing.


Everything in North Korea looks so perfect and everybody looks perfectly happy. But many people says everything tourists see is North Korea is staged, whereas the reality is something else.

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